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National Qualification & Training Course

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Naturally Nurturing provide a fully accredited training course in Sleep Consultancy for Psychologists, Health Visitors, Nannies, and Maternity Nurses. Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic( NNSC) is the only training provider to offer this National Qualification in the UK to train as a Sleep Consultant and the accreditation has European and Global application.

Train to become a Sleep Consultant

Our Sleep Consultancy Course is fully accredited and as such we have built up an excellent reputation through the quality of our service. We are expending to offer an innovative progression award and training course to child care professionals both within the UK and Worldwide.

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Our course is the first and only training course of its kind it will provide you with level 3 skills and progression credits. Our sleep clinic’s model doesn't expect children to cry themselves to sleep. It’s gentle on the parents, it’s gentle on infants, toddlers and children, and most important of all, it works.

This National Qualification and progression Award written by NNSC is unique as it provides Health Visitors, Nannies, and Maternity Nurses with the opportunity to gain additional skills related to healthy sleeping habits. As the use and practice of controlled crying becomes outdated, parents need professionals who can provide them with an alternative. Our training course will give you that edge.

Our courses held in Croydon, London and Surrey are designed to provide ongoing professional development for Health care workers and child carers, keeping them informed of current best practice. We do not however provide any form of initial training . If this is what you need then you can call +448448265458 (Learn Direct) who will put you in touch with your nearest training centre.

What is Accreditation?

Accreditation means that the organisation providing the training /education and the accredited course has been approved by the awarding/examining body. The accreditation process is a formal one and ONLY those providers who meet the required standards will gain accreditation.

How do I know if a course is Accredited?

You can check accreditation by contacting the awarding/examining body, your organisation will tell you who they are. Examples of awarding bodies are:

  • NOCN
  • City & Guilds
  • BTEC

In addition your organisation should be able to verify whether their 'certificates' and even 'assessments' are in house or whether there are governed by an outside examining body. Your course is accredited when your organisation can satisfy that they have met the regulations of their specific examining body.

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