Did you know about postnatal OCD?

30 Sep 2012

How might OCD appear in pregnancy and postnatally?

ARTICLE FROM www.postnatalocd.org by Dr Fiona Challacombe

To sleep with or without you

30 Aug 2012

Co-sleeping has been given a bad reputation from the media, and as a result there is a widespread belief that it is extremely dangerous, and reaps no benefits for your child. But is this really the case?

Are sleeping pills a health risk

13 Mar 2012

Sleeping pills are the handy, go-to method for those who are unable to go to sleep naturally. They can be easily purchased at the local pharmacy or supermarket and now pills are even available in herbal form, and so people readily take them to cure the odd bout of insomnia.

Do it all? Give me a Break!

24 Sep 2011

This question has been hung out for airing within the debating arena again.

We are talking about whether working mothers can excel in all areas of life, more specifically raising children and keeping the family home. As can be expected you have us women commenting about what's right and wrong about going out to work, making compromises and leaving baby at home.

Act Confident

25 May 2011

Actress, hit song writer, radio presenter, hypnotherapist, trainer and life coach.

Julie is an international trainer and life coach. Although Julie is British she has had a very successful career in the United States and has now moved back to the UK. Her success in the media includes movies, stage, TV and radio.

Among her many skills she has unique experience in method acting and impressions. She will use these talents to take you on a journey of discovery and reinvention which will have a profound effect on you, and may even transform your life.

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