I just saw the trailer for the channel 4 show

30 Jul 2010

I just saw the trailer for the channel 4 show and tracked down this site via the C4 website... I just want to say thank you for acknowledging the fact that Health Visitors are poorly trained when it comes to sleep issues. I am a co-sleeping, breastfeeding, full-time working mum and even if I wanted to try controlled crying (which I don't) I don't have the time or energy to be up for hours with my precious daughter crying - and then go to work the next day and deal with my class of 5 year olds! Yet every time I mention my daughter's sleep patterns (frequent night waking and becoming hysterical unless she's put on the breast) I am told to either do controlled crying or to give her a bottle of formula to really fill her up. Is this really the best they can offer? I am told that it's the only way and it's more cruel to her to not teach her to self-settle (crying herself to sleep is not self settling in my view) and that she'll never go to sleep on her own unless I do controlled crying or some variation of it.

Anyway, sorry, I am rambling. I am not able to afford your program or download right now but I had to write to let you know how refreshing it was to find your site and how wonderful it felt to feel like some professionals DO get it. It is clear that you are a mummy as well as a professional expert. Thank you for your work. I have your page bookmarked for future reference in case I ever have a bit of extra money at the end of a month. PLEASE keep training health visitors and allow the broke mums like me to get some sleep, too - if you get to train any in the Barnet area, let me know which ones!!!

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