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05 Aug 2010

By Rebecca (not verified)

Independent Sleep

Hi Chireal,
I was really impressed with your approach to "sleep" in the documentary on Channel 4. Like so many others my 11month little girl has never really slept the night . She wakes every 2 hours (sometimes less) . She slept the night for a very short period between 10 and 14 weeks and I speculate that perhaps she started to wake as she grew attached to her dummie and woke looking for it or perhaps the cold weather or .....who knows. We spend the night running in and out of her room putting the dummie back into her mouth before she can really wake herself up. This is exhausting. If we don't she screams and roars and is then up for a long time. After returning to work in April , we started bringing her into our bed at around 1 am and she goes straight off to sleep and wakes slightly during the night for dummie and rises in the morning between 6 and 7. Obviously we have many bad habits and they are really hard to break. She was a colicy infant so it was extremely hard to establish a sleep routine in the early months as she woke instantly when put down. I feel so guilty as I want her to be able to sleep independently and I have failed her. Have you any advice for us that will teach our baby to learn how to fall asleep on her own.I don't think we really ever gave her the chance to learn. As a teacher, I find this extra hard to deal with. Please can you help us.

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