Chireal's TOP TIPS

29 Jul 2010

Tips from Chireal Shallow on how to get your baby to sleep. Do you agree with her methods?

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  1. Forget standardised rigid routines; instead build a routine that works for your family based on your personal culture, commitments and lifestyle.
  2. Be emotionally available for your child. We all pick up on tension around us, ensure that your child is in a calm state before bed by trying to relax and calm yourselves.

Series 1 | Episode 1 | Can't Sleep Kids

22 Jul 2010

New parents often expect sleepless nights when their baby arrives. But when sleepless nights last for years, it can shatter family life.
Two sleep experts, advocating diametrically opposed approaches, offer to help families who cannot get their children to sleep through the night.
Baby care consultant Alison Scott Wright says she has helped hundreds of children sleep through the night. Her method, The Reassurance Sleep Training Technique, asks parents to take away all sleep aids, including dummies and bottles, and to implement a strict sleep routine.

My TV Doc is on next week

22 Jul 2010

Hey, just a little reminder about the sleep programme I made . Its on Next week, try and catch it.

Thank You !

07 Jul 2010

By Derek and Wendy Light
It is now about 5 months since you helped us (we had an hour-long consulation with you on the phone) and it has helped us enormously! We introduced the 'lucky cards' you suggested and they have been a great success - much better than threats. Thank you so very much for your help.
Derek and Wendy

Children in the UK are not getting enough sleep

30 Jun 2010

A new survey has suggested that children in the UK are not getting enough sleep.

BBC’s Newsround sent out questionnaires to 1,083 children aged between nine and 11 at schools cross the country. Findings showed that video games, mobile phones and TV are keeping children up at night.

The majority of children in that age-group said they went to bed at 9.30pm but 25%, or 277 children, who responded to the survey, said bedtime was at 10pm or later. As many as half the children quizzed admitted they were not getting sufficient sleep and would like more.

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