It is now about 5 months

15 Jun 2010

By Derek and Wendy Light (not verified)

It is now about 5 months since you helped us (we had an hour-long consulation with you on the phone) and it has helped us enormously! We introduced the 'lucky cards' you suggested and they have been a great success - much better than threats. Thank you so very much for your help.
Derek and Wendy

Thank you for this thought

14 Jun 2010

By Dorrett Boswell (not verified)

Thank you for this thought provoking approach to the problem of sleep and how parents are not being supported enough, by their Health Visitors primarily but also general practictioners.

Learning your baby's language

13 Jun 2010

Learning your baby's language

Multiples and sleep : a personal experience

13 Jun 2010

Multiples and sleep : a personal experience

Why Our Health Visitors are Failing mothers

12 Jun 2010

We all know sleep is important and how bad we feel when we don’t get enough, and that continued
disrupted sleep can cause health problems, poor development psychically and mentally. But did you
know that scientists today are still confused as to why we sleep? What is clear is that we have to
sleep because it is essential to maintaining normal levels of cognitive skills such as speech, memory,
innovative and flexible thinking. In other words, sleep plays a significant role in brain development.

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