The Chireal Shallow Questionnaire

Note to parents: This quiz is a designed to provide you with a quick and easy assessment of your child’s sleeping issue. By completing the questions below you will discover what your child’s main underlying sleep problem is. This will allow you to effectively target the real reasons your child is not sleeping, meaning greater success.


My baby will only go to sleep sucking/rocking/being held

My baby wakes frequently and at different times throughout the night and day

My baby has always had problems falling asleep and/or staying asleep

My baby needs specific objects present in order to sleep


My baby is distressed whenever I (we) leave the room

My baby needs to hold my hand/hair in order to fall sleep

My baby is clingy during the day and night

My baby prefers one parent to settle to sleep and comfort give

Sleep Cycle

My baby wakes at roughly the same times each night

My baby is an early riser

My baby takes a long time to settle at night

My baby has had periods of time when they have sleep well

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